Living Room Renders

I modeled some furnitures from a catalog plus some extras like books and vases and put them in the same room:). Rendered with Cycles. 3000 samples…


one more image…

I really like the lighting in your images. they look quite realistic. you must have really put a lot of work into the models. Keep it up! I’m inspired.

Thank you for the comment Jaocekeo!:slight_smile:

Very professional looking! :smiley:

Wow, the Rapunzel art is very compelling! Can I have a link to the pic used? Oh, nice renders, too btw :smiley:

Thanks for the comment Kinryu!:slight_smile:

Hello bossestrenders! Thanks for the comment. I made the drawing myself. I am trying to learn how to draw, so i can sketch my own disney style carachter and then create her with Blender! That’s my next project. (I am completely noob with carachters!):yes:

Here is the drawing:

Woah, I look forward to that! Definitely a thread I would sit in on. Thanks bro.

too much lens distortion! You will be better if you wouldn’t add this effect as it is for cheap and unprofessional photos.
I like the model of the ceiling lamp.

I am not the best blender artist but I think, as ShacharHarshuc, there are too much lens distortion in the first picture and the central table of the living room is flat, the Jack Daniels Bottles are too big and the plant pot can look better. Apart of those things it is ok. It looks like if there was not uniformity in the colors and in the styles of the ambientation.

I agree about the lens distortion (also dispersion is rather the problem here)
otherwise, amazing work!

way too much lens distortion and chromatic aberration. It doesn’t look more realistic, it just looks worse. Not even like it was taken on a bad camera, because everything else is clean, it just looks bad.