Living Room Scene

hey guys alright,this is my last project I am very happy with the resul do cycles,I hope you like it too…
Blender 2.62+Cycles

my portfolio portfolio
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excuse my bad english

Julio, you are so prolific and so good at 3D that I usually tend to admire your beautiful works without commenting.
How did you light this scene? Is just a bit dark in my opinion.
Keep it up!

Thanks man,I used evironment texture HDRI as lighting,she’s a bit dark because it is a natural light of late afternoon

I love your work, man, this one and other stuff. Very inspiring!
I actually like the lighting, it sets a nice mood.

thanks for comment,I’m glad you enjoyed…

really nice work you did.

thanks for comment

The bluish light is very nice, and works well with the color of the chair. Good work!

glad you liked it, I’m happy

Wonderful piece from you as usual!! Wow!

beautiful work -nice is the curtain material done?

Thanks guys,material:Mix Shader/Translucent/transparent shade of gray

Wonderful image!
Lamp doesn’t look right though, some transparency should exist.
Same for these plants. SSS is missing. (volume shader builds)

thanks for comment Michalis,see this example it lacks transparency

If it weren’t for some of the typical ‘cycles-noise’, I would have a really hard time telling that this was not a photograph. Very nice work!

Thanks budonobugei

These are stunning renders, julioras. I like the composition and the lighting style.

I have some small trouble making sense of the lighting in the second scene. The plants outside seem to be lit by late afternoon reddish sunlight, but the cast of the room lighting is blue. Or maybe it’s just the natural color of the plants that is throwing me off?

thanks for comment,yellow flower is her color is not the light from the sun

the plants really kick ass. Nice work.

thanks for comment