Living-Room Scene

I Just finished my Livingroom Scene!
I am working with Blender now for something like 6 Months, i made this picture in the last two weeks only with blender.
I hope you like it!
Cycles, 500 Samples.

Here are two new renders!

wow! nice work! I just think the brown material on the sofa/couch/lounge thing looks too rough and uncomfortable to sit on. also the displacement on the bricks seems to be going the wrong way. Did you mean for this to happen?
Also, you could probably do with another simple artwork above the couch? BTW, I just noticed that dark patch at the top, is there any way you could get rid of that?
Other than that, it looks great, lots of detail. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice work, very nice indeed…

But, I agree with Jamosium about the brick(?) wall at the back, it does look a little odd, and consequently, it draws the eye to it.

Definitely a nice job on this… agreed though on the brick… needs to be reversed, not sure if your using a normal map or just displacement.

I like the brown carpet and the furniture is modeled nicely. I do think that floor lamp maybe looks too small. You took the time to put some nice details by the windows. Looks good overall on this piece.

Thanks for your replies!

I have Updated the picture!

@all: Yes that’s right i chose the wrong texture shape in crazy bump for the bricks and i don’t no why i didn’t noticed that until you told it. I added a displacement modifier to fix it. And i made the lamp a little bit longer as you said.

@jamoslum: Do you mean the black mirror on the top ?

Oh, that’s what it is… I thought it was just a part where the ceiling was a bit higher up and for some reason it had gone dark…

The bricks look a lot better now, but maybe around the edges of that cavity at the back (with the dish in it) you could line it up with the bricks at the top and bottom.

But overall, awesome work, looks better than anything I could make! (I suppose that’s not saying much) :stuck_out_tongue:

Two more renders are here!!!