Living-room using Blender's Indirect Lighting

Hey all,

Long time I did not post anything on BA.o.

Here’s an humble attempt at GI with Blender 2.50 Alpha 2’s Indirect Lighting.

Original (full size) on this blog post: Indirect lighting test with Blender 2.50 Alpha 2
Packed blend file is downloadable, for your own tests, from the same link (available under Blender Artistic Licence) by rore and olivS

A full tutorial about Indirect lighting is also available on this blog post: Ambient Occlusion and Indirect Lighting

Enough useless talks, here is the picture:

I hope you will enjoy the picture, the blend file and the tutorial alike! :slight_smile:


Clean & smooth.
Only maybe more textures?

But i like it ^^

Does this mean its possible to decrease the use of external Renderers?

guys, this is aao? watch the books in the shelf… Now that is a problem.

@agentmilo: if you are careful in your scene preparation, my guess is that yes, you can. No caustics of some sort for now, though. Unless you fake them (plenty of ways to do that) you have to rely on an external renderer.

@pildanovak: you are right. Trying to address it at the moment. Will see if I can soften that :slight_smile:

i think the pillows are a bit too “fat” in the sofas, otherwise it looks nice and clean :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice tutorial, we have long way to go though. Thank you !!!

This is looking really good.

But not nearly as good as it could be done with yafaray or lux…
I wish blender could render realistic images as those do :confused:
This is the Blender alpha 2 Render branch, right?

FreeMind, BI is likely going to be refactored/rewritten to use a more modern shading pipeline in the near future, but it will probably never be an unbiased renderer like Lux. I don’t see the problem with using Lux when you are willing to accept high rendering times for physically-accurate lighting, and BI for circumstances where you’d rather have faster render-times, and can accept less-accurate lighting solutions…

Doesn’t that mean, that you wouldn’t be able to render Sintel with the latest blender?

So, BI would be as good as Yafaray, but not as good as Lux, is that what you are saying?

The scene result in the new 2.5 GI is quiet good in terms of being not unbiased, but still we can’t say it gives the same results as the external non-unbiased like yafaray, vray, using advanced levels of rendering algorithms like photonmapping, bathtracing,…
but with some tweaks, the one can get good results with the recent BI non-mature GI, specially if you are making animations, … but that needs more efforts and time, though.

Although The BI 2.5 GI is still non-mature, but it’s very helpful especially for animations, and the one can get from the recent GI:
> fast rendering + quite realistic scenes= good looking short animation films. :smiley:

But, still we are waiting for a more mature and complete BI GI, though. :wink:

It should be solved, now. The books needed a little more loopcuts: too much energy concentrated over too few vertices, it broke the luminosity equilibrium, I guess.

Here’s an update of the scene, just for the fun, as I don’t plan to go further than that for the moment!

(apples and flowerpots from;

I would be happy to see your own variations in this thread! :slight_smile:


I can’t seem to locate the link to the BLEND file. Is it really posted on that blog page?

@Atom, in this blogpost:

At the end of the article, just before the Comments section, you have an Attachments section :slight_smile:

well done,
but somehow i miss a small fire ^^

@Blackcat: good idea! :smiley: will see if I can add one :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing out the link, I really missed that one…