Living room visualization

Blender 2.9 Cycles


Very nice work! The level of details is awesome. How did you light your scene? I suppose an HRDI image was not enough.

Thank you, there is no HDRI in this scene at all, just a white background.
Put the main emphasis on the gamma

this is pro bro !

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Thanks for response. I don’t think I have used your lighting method I will try it. What the strength of gamma did you use to get the light as good as you did for those interior renders.

gamma 1.4
And use the photographer add-on, it is very convenient to customize each angle individually

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But there is no universal way, you need to learn to feel the light

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Pro work,you have made a small space look many bounces are used?any trick to speed up render?

thank you friend :slightly_smiling_face:
9000 sampling
No tricks, basic settings are often optimal, the main thing is the video card, you can use tricks, but this
will affect the quality of lighting.