Living Room Visualization

This is my third attempt with Archviz. I would love to have some feedback. Thanks! :+1:


I would put something closer to the camera to bridge the large empty space between the furniture and the camera.
TV stand should be placed closer to the wall. The way it is placed now isn’t something you’ll encounter in reality.
Those car prints on the wall are too unusual for the living room decor. If you want to use them, then there should be other stuff in the scene complementary to the prints.
Lighting is quite nice. Just raise the exposure a bit.
The pillow and lounge chair models aren’t really of the best quality. I suggest swapping them with some better models.
What I usually like to do before jumping into Blender is making a moodboard for the design. In my experience, moodboards are crucial for achieving a good looking interior design.
That was my humble opinion, hope it helps.
Good luck! :smiley:


It would be helpful to refer to the photo data

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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