Living Room with Cycles

Hi guys, I am trying a new transform that I found swimming in the deep community of Blender. Big shout out to @sobotka
So this is my WIP - C&C fully appreciated.


I think it is very nice. Only a few things you could reconsider next time, I think: stronger bevel on objects (esp. the one so close to the camera), the area where the ceiling and wall meet (too sharp of a transition there) and multiplicity of idealy straight lines overall.

But I do like this piece, colour palette in particular.

Thanks for the reply Margenta! I worked on a few things (I took what you said into consideration so thanks!)
this is a 50% definition render. Let me what you think.

awful render I uploaded previously. I kept working. this is a new progress. I will work on ceiling and some extra detail over that area and then call it done.

Really enjoying doing this one. I think this is another step on my personal work. I am really happy. It would really be nice to hear what do you think so far guys!


Whoa #4 is looking much nicer. The bevel thing drives me nuts sometimes using box select and trial and error really.