Living Room- Work in Progress

Hey, i just barely started to figure out blender, just wondering if you got any ideas on how too make this one better.


its looking very good for a start i think that its the lighting that needs the most work
carnt tell from pic quite what lights you are using but i think that the use of radiosity could work very well in this case. or prehaps try a spot light with halo turned on to create the affect that a shart of light is coming from the window if you use a spot remember to add a few lamps dotted around to keep it well light hope this helps looking forward to a update!

You could try Ambient Occlusion to lighten up the scene a bit and to add more realism. You can find AO in the world settings :yes:

Keep up the good work

where is the light suppost to be comming from?

Nice room. But the couch looks too shiny.

looks good. maybe the image is quite deformed, like if you used a wide angle camera too close to the subject. Try to put the camera farther away and use a bigger cam lens setup to keep the same scene, but less stretched…

The sofa needs a bit more detail to fit into the style of the scene.

The coffee table is floating above the rug.

The legs on the coffee table look like they are made from glass, but with the way they neck in at the middle, they would never be able to support the weight of the glass table top. May I suggest changing the material to iron, if you keep the shape, or marble, if you change it to a more supportive shape.

The trees on the patio look cartoony. Try the ivy generator to get some realistic looking plants out there, or use photographic textures.

The sky beyond the patio is bland. Replace it with an actual photo texture of some landscape/sky.

The steam from the coffee cup looks unrealistic. It’s close, but it looks like clouds floating in the air, instead of wisps of steam rising on hot air currents. And it’s too copious. It’s rare to see any more than tiny wisps of steam coming from a coffee cup, unless the room is unheated.

The biggest problem with the render is that you are mixing cartoon and realistic elements. The cove base, door modeling, picture in the frame on the wall, glass table top, coffee cup, magazines and side table top all say “realistic” while the trees, table legs, flowers and vase and sofa all say “toon.” Since the side table leg and sofa are in the foreground and big, you have a real clash of styles.

That said, you’ve got an awesome piece going, and not much left to do to turn it into an excellent finished work.

sweet, thanks for all the help