Living Room

black and white table lamps are FARO/TREE table lamp Black & Yaroslav from 3dsky
the green sofa is called Kler Ballo W090 Kler/ballo by Forever_young_ from 3dsky
the grey armchairs are called Chair section IKEA LIDGULT\LIDHULT from 3dsky
the art is called Abstract_art-1 by Dininha, Abstract _art-2 by Dininha, picture-C by Venumblack on 3dsky and Gallery Wall_034 by huisheng on 3dsky.
the coffee tables are from a set caleed YYY Coffee Table by Vinayak M B on 3dsky
the radiator is from a set called King vent Convector Radiator by 3D_ARHitect on 3dsky
the electrical plug covers are from Poliigon
the pendant lights are called Ceiling_Mount_8 by Venumblack on 3dsky
the tv cabinet is called Ementine_console by prafulla3ds on 3dsky


well that’s a hell of hardwork!! U got skills! :smile:

Thanks for the supportive comments Shankhui. The main lighting is just 2 area lights, one 200 watt the full size of the back wall, and one 300 watt the full size of the left wall less the depth of the kitchen cupboard you see on the left. The light fixture lighting is a combination of circular emitter mesh lighting and spot lights from the CGLions spotlight addon at the Blendermarket website. Make sure you read the documentation.

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