Living Room

Architectural Visualization
A living room in morning with worm lights


Yeah , OK, … now do the illumination and structuring of my scene, please.

It’s Perfectly Good to go, as is. The scene does a Stellar job of showing exactly not only what the room look like in detail, but the “character” of the room and furnishings to complete the scene
. Photographic .

I really like the kinda sepia toned lighting to illuminate the room. Adds warmth. As well the lamps used for the recessed lighting work to great effect. the wood on the chairs looks like grained wood. And the fabric on the chairs and couch looks like, well, fabric. The marble is excellent. And the small nik-naks look real.

The only thing from a curiousity standpoint would be how the room would look with strong outdoor GI lighting a more bright day scene. But that’s again that’s purely curiosity. NOT A RECOMMENDATION FOR LIGHTING CHANGE. Cause what you’ve got is Great.

In fact, “The making of this scene” could be a good tutorial. To Sell.


thanks so much for your honest opinion and yes i had tried strong lighting but it was kinda harsh everything looks like just a white diffuse material but yeah i am working on that and will show you that render when completed and thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Totally agree on the sepia lighting, gives a really warm feeling and softens the scene. Some of the fabric details you have manged to achieve are really subtle and add to the reality of the soft furnishings. Maybe if you wanted the house to look a bit more lived in and less perfect then some sagging of the base padding may show where people have sat or a slight misalignment of the back cushions just to give some natural irregularity.
Really love the toy train, a great choice to add some personality to the scene.
Really fantastic work.

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yeah thanks i will work on these cushions and make it less perfect and thank soo much for spending some time and reviewing this little work of mine :slightly_smiling_face:

These are the final renders