Living room

I really like the mood of the scene. The modeling is great as are the materials. My only crit would be the lighting. I personally don’t like the horizontal light and shadow on the scene (and the slight halo) for the composition. I find it annoying to look at the detail you put in the scene. Other that that its topnotch work


Very realistic. I like it. The window shades casting on the wall is cool.

looks wicked. lighting is cool, but the sunlight-through-horizontal-blinds (thats what my first impression was) doesnt work with the interior lighting, at least not together. turn off the inside lights maybe and see what it looks like with just the sunlight and GI, or turn off the sunlight or something.
by the way, what renderer are you using for this? looks sort of like Blender Internal, in which case you could fake some GI with AO and fill lights.

ok, I try it. render is internal with osa 16 and AO add samples 10

HI, sorry for my english, I tried it once with inner lighting and once outer lighting

I love the second pic.

I love the second one as well it give it that nobodys home look.
Or that were home and its getting dark but were to lazy to get up to turn on the light.