Living Room

UMMMMMM Theres not much to say about this one except its my first offical yafray render. I think the able is crap really. My own personal speed challnge. Didnt even take an hour to do it. Its simthing I will definately go back and do over some more times. Follow the link.:smiley:

are you sure that’s Yafray? it looks a LOT like blender internal to me…

Uh, you’ll still can see a picture when you turn the renderer to Yafray right?

So it’s just like having a blue background, a cube in the middle of the scene and hitting “render” and say “I used Yafray to render this =D”, . . . . ~.~

Nice first go at yafray, but that lamp on the left is way too close to the wall; that or the wall has too much specularity. I’d advise that you turn on full GI too with photons and cache, as this looks a lot like blender internal.

Good stuff :slight_smile:

ok I followed Niaves suggestion and put on Full GI and Photons and Cache but I didnt change any thing cuase Im not that familliar with it yet. I changed the table and repositioned the camera and the lights just a little
oh yeah Put ur hand over the spot on the bottom to get a better view. It might sound wierd but I did it. Thats another thing I’ll have to change now oh boy

so here you go