Living Room!!!!!!!

Hey all,
Ive been working with blender for a couple months now, unfortunately just at work because i have no computer at home, and im working on a living room for my 3d class.
What do i need to work on? Goods, bads, in betweens, whatever you wanna give me advice on would make my day!!!Oh and sorry if ive posted in the wrong place:o

That looks pretty good… All that this really needs is something outside the windows.

ok heres the finished one…alden i’d for sures put something outside, but everytime i try, the glass in the windows gets all crazy distorted, and doesnt allow the image to come through correctly…any hints?
i changed the lighting and a couple other things
looks ok i guess

what are you using to render? (yafray, blender internal, indigo)

What happened in the fireplace? The first one is good, but the finished one has that loud shadow.
The architecture is great, but it’s apparent age and upkeep suggests that someone lives there and the book on the table falls short of conveying that image. Shoes? A plant in the pots? More books? A pipe? Ball-gag maybe? Naa, that’d be too much.
If you’re having trouble with the windows transparency (post a pic?) make it night outside and turn it into a mirror.

It’s good stuff, I only picked at it because I’m predisposed to old architecture. Hope you’ll post a larger one if you decide to work it some more.

Under Render buttons(F10), in the tab called, “Render”, there is in the lower right hand corner of the tab, a button called, “Gauss”. Click that, and turn it to Mitch or CatRom. These are different types of OSA, or anti-aliasing. CatRom is the sharpest of them all(while still keeping good AA), and Mitch is inbetween Gauss and CatRom.

well, rendering im just using blender…i have yafray. but i dont really know how to go about using it, guess ill have to play a little :slight_smile:
oh and ill definately add some more details and post another pic, maybe work on putting in some more realistic materials
thanks guys, appreciate the input!

the fireplace mantel looks huge. it’s almost as tall as the door. i thought there was a general problem with everything not sharing the same scale - but after looking at it i think it’s just the fireplace that’s out of proportion and it’s throwing the scene off for me.

nharron - the features of old upper-class houses are big. They have tall ceilings, big flashy but dark wood trim and fireplaces bigger than that. My first impression of this house was more middle upper-class rather than full blown sloppy rich, and yes, you might expect a smaller fireplace in that case. However, when people are building custom houses they’ll often put a few upper-class features in, cash permitting. I’d imagine that houses back then were a bit more custom than they are today too.

Now that you’ve brought it up, I do wonder if this image is total imagination or based on reality.

it actually is based on a picture i found…i was trying to recreate the whole thing, but ended up using it mainly for proportion and position…The fireplace might not be that big, id have to find my referance photo again, but it was pretty darn close :slight_smile:
If i find the photo ill post it for yall!