Living Room

This was/is a moving around furniture without having to move it project. When I actually move the furniture, I hope my wife doesn’t change her mind.

I’m still a relative newbie and I’m probably not going to change any of the content. If anyone has any C&Cs regarding the image and composition, I’m more than interested in working on that.



Modeling to me me looks just fine. What I don’t like is the lighting, as it looks very bland. I’d like to see the seen lit with a sun light through the window and maybe renderd in Indigo.

yea somethings up with the lighting setup here

and its abit too empty.

5OnIt and vitaliy,

Not surprising. I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to lighting. I’ve read about three-point lighting, but I haven’t read anything else regarding light setup. If you know anything good, please let me know.

I have three primary lights: 1) a spotlight coming in through the window 2) a weak area light coming from the hall next to the stairs and 3) the hanging chandelier. These three are the main points of light in real life.

I have some lamps throughout the room to illuminate areas of the room which seemed too dark to me. I’m probably making a lot of mistakes here.

trak wrecka,

It is. I only added objects requested by my wife. For this project, I’m not management, just labor.

Thanks for the comments,