Living room

I did this image for practicing in architectural modeling and rendering.

Rendered with yafaray, little color correction in blender nodes.

Hi-res version:

a blender screenshot

Hope you like it, C&C are welcome


fab, keep it up

Nice but those couches dont look comfortable at all or at least they wouldnt give good back support. And some of the pillows look a bit ackward, besides that its awesome :slight_smile:

I don’t know, but it seems to me that you have major color issues here. They just don’t mix right, looks to me as if it is a render quality issue or something…

SO sorry, I reinstalled Windoze the other day and appearantly my display was still set at 16bit… Damn, my bad.
It looks so good now. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 on the couches. they look a little ‘plastic-like’. But overall great image!

Perfect settings. Only the couches. It “cry” for small skin bump :slight_smile:

The lighting is really nice! Nevertheless, materials could be improved… Keep it real

it looks very awsome, i have seen a bunch of sofas that are plasticlike,in fact i have some and they look very very very similar to these! about the pillows, maybe they need to look a little less plastic like , i love it btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice render although the pillows look like chewing gum to me :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed response, lots of work.
Thanks for all your comments.

Here is a little update, with a little bump and a subtle texture.

Hi-res version

The pillows still look a little like chewing gum :stuck_out_tongue: , but i think i will call this finished.

hope you like it


tsk… tsk…

I don’t see “the Blender logo easter-egg” anywhere.

Nice! Love the lighting.

Nice work buddy… Can you please share the .blend file… good for studying… Thanks

really nice interior scene. I like the clean style of it.

Really nice! I love the tree ornament on the wall!

Feel the floor mat texture is little bit off. Anyway, love the work!

Love the scene would be great to get the blend file.

Nice work.


Ah, the updated couches are much better. They still look a bit awkward though, probably because the cushions still need a little bit of repositioning. Also, the fireplace is solid black and that looks strange.

In general it’s very well done though. Good lighting, nice clean composition.

Nice work,but aren’t the lights a bit flat?Other wise awesome,I wish my living room looked like that…I wish I had a fire place too:D

too me, it looks like the wall isn’t straight (looks like it’s falling backwards)?