Living Room

Modelling: Blender 2.5.3
Rendering: Blender 2.4.9b + YafaRay 0.1.2
Done in: 2 weeks
Rendered: 5 hours

Looks very nice, however, I find the tv standing in a… strange spot at a strange angle. It looks as though they have a tv, but never use it. Unless there’s a couch standing just behind the camera. Other than that, even my grandmother, who is very, very uncool, has a dvd player, so unless these people are completely technophobic (which I can’t imagine since they have a flatscreen and a child), you should put in a dvd player of some sort.

Anyway, I love the feel and it looks great,

BleedForMe, this pic is showing how exactly tv is standing) Wright now! And yes - there is a couch behind the camera :slight_smile: For now i have not a dvd player (PC rules!), and i tried to make the interior maximum realistic.
Thank you!

This is amazing, so realistic, good job, youve textured everything brilliabtly and i especially like the photos on the wall, a very nice touch :slight_smile:

Looks very realistic. I love the lamp holders that hang from the ceiling.

But I do notice a slight grain in the render, is that intentional? To give it the ISO 1600 effect?

zanyman, i want to answer “Yes” so much! :slight_smile: But, no. It’s just my very first YafaRay experience, there are lot of things to know about render quality.

Very nice.
But also very noisy. Looks like it needs more samples.

Try with these “gabich” settings:)


Well, i made some corrections:

Well, i made some corrections:

Much better!!
Did you use the settings provided by B65ISP??

No, i did not. I’ve just changed AA samples to 32 :slight_smile: And after that i made another pass - Clay Render winth AO only and mixed it with main pic.
512 FG samples is insane, as for me)) I’ll wait result for a month)