living room

this is a project of a room trying to photorealism I hope you like
softwars:blender 2.49,yafaray

Wow. Really nice job. What was the render time?

There is no way I can tell that this is 3D it has to be a photograph

Os meus cumprimentos!

My compliments, very well done!

muito obrigado por todos comentarios,o tempo de render foi de 23 h

Again, the attention to detail is great. This is superb.

thanks for comment Nathan-

The modelling and materials look great! There are only 2 things that stick out to me, the environment outside makes the room look like its on a second floor, is that what you were going for? also the lighting is a little boring, maybe if you made some of the lamps give of light or something.

Otherwise great job!

thanks for comment Terminator

Very realistic, well done!

edit: +1 on post below

One Critique, the floor is way to smooth to look realistic. It needs bump mapping or something. Other than that it looks pretty good.

@@julioras, can you post a wireframe?

thanks for comment wireframe

That is amazing!! it looks to be close to 1,000,000 verts

Very nice job but a few things stand out to me.

The amount of light in the room is a bit to much for the outside lighting to indicate. Perhaps darkening the outside a bit. I also think the light source in your photo is behind your viewpoint in the render yet the shadows show it coming from the left. So a couple of thoughts. You could try searching for an image online with the correct lighting or you could take one yourself. The latter being the better choice. As you have all the control.

The shelving on the right is quite massive but pretty empty. You need family photos, mantle clock and such to fill that up a bit more. It’s true the people living there may have just got the unit but usually that is pretty full if it’s a big unit. A bit more chaos would be cool too. People don’t always have the room ‘Staged’ that perfectly. Add a bit more chaos to the scene. A few magazines on the coffee table perhaps.

A bit more on composition. Your render subject (photograph) is outside (window). If you are going for photo realism then you need to think of it as a photograph and look to the rules of composition.
10 Rules of composition

When I started in photography I was happy doing the same thing. See a subject and focus in. Nice margins and all that. But they weren’t very interesting images. More of a study or a reference image. From a photograph (photo real) standpoint you have to think of yourself taking the picture (render) with a camera. Where would you look or what is most interesting in the scene? This is where the focus should be. Don’t try to hard capture everything in the photo (render) but show everything if you know what I mean. That will take it from a really awesome render to a really awesome photo real image. Despite the long render time move the camera around a bit take a few perhaps lower res renders just to get a feel for model you have and then pick one you love and go with it. Just like taking pictures you may want more then one :wink: