living room

hello guys,this is my last project completed I hope you enjoy,

Looks good except for the weird black lines around the windows.

Perfect! :slight_smile:

Nice light…good AA set… but interior mayhem… from design look…But on second side of Earth can be another style in and cool… I mean Latin Amerika…

I think it looks good but as already mentioned you got some weird black lines on your windows, also the apples look very fake with their floating leaves and no color-switching but it is not the main focus of the image and can be easily overlooked.

The biggest dealbreaker for me is the image you used as a backdrop, it is very pixelated in comparison to the crisp render and it makes me aware of it being a 3D render instantly. I would render out the image with a transparent background and composite in a more fitting resolution one in photoshop.

Other than that it looks great :slight_smile:

Very nice image, perfect lightning. I agree with NinthJake about the background though, it’s a bit distracting.
But the render remains amazing, parabéns!

It’s a good image, but I agree the background doesen’t fit. It’s also too dark and it’s perspective is wrong. To point out a few more spots where the image could be improved: I’m not sure about the floor material, looks like ceramic tiles with a wood pattern, or did you mean it to be wood? The chair in the foreground is not shown to advantage, I can’t understand it’s shape from this angle and it’s awkward to have the main piece of furniture in the image seen from the back. You might try moving it to the left in front of the window and rotate it so you can see it better and also cover up a bit of the bad window area and open a bit more the area in front of the couch. The window frames look blown out, they don’t seem to have a material assigned to them. I don’t see any glass, I know I had trouble making glass in Cycles, is there a similar problem in V-ray+Blender?
Other than that, nice looking image, well lit, hope I wasn’t too critical.

Hi, I think it looks great but not yet totally realistic. I think it’s too clean and right. Maybe you should add some noise, camera imperfections (I’m talking about subtle stuff). And I’ve read somewhere that when it comes to this type of renderings id helps to add a little of bevel to every edge, simply because in the real world there’s no pointy corners like you got there. I think this little thing could really push it to the next level.

Take a look at this image to see what I’m talking about -

The wood, in particular the chair and table, seems to flat. It would benefit from a fine bump map and specular map.

The background is killing the image, not well integrated and breaks perspective coherence.
Other than that it’s technically good, but be careful the scene should stay readable.