Living room

Hello guys,
I’m posting some interior visualizations.
This is my latest project of warsaw apartment which I recently designed with some friend.
Made with Blender and Yafaray.
C&C are welcome.
Regards, paulina.


Well, i like the floor and the furniture, but the wall and the roof can use some tweaks. Also the heater+curtains on the wall feels a bit weird.

overall, nice interior!

looks great man! solid work and the lighting is really good

Nice job. Only thing missing I can see is sky and/or clouds out the window or some scene.

I like the bookshelves and pillow surface variety, but what’s going on with the top corner of the brick wall? Looks like the texture might be misaligned.

Thanks guys for your comments. I have some issues with texturing, that’s for sure. I don’t know yet how to make a real good texture of sofa. I didn’t use any picture outside the window because it was a render time killer… This scene rendered in Yafaray for about 12 h. I had a deadline to show this to a client so I had to leave it as it is. If time permits I’ll work more on this scene.

It’s really well lit, same little issues as observed by others but really good job! I find Yafa to be pretty near to Vray results, not same quality yet but a really cool and free alternative.


This looks great, my only critique would be to make the chains holding up the 2 lamps a little more prominent and tighten the power chord up against them a bit more. At first glance the lamps appear to hang on a weird wire that defies gravity. I get the effect you are going for as I have a couple lights similar to this, just need the chain to pop a bit more to sell it. Beyond that the scene looks spectacular to me, great job!

  • Croisened- thanks for comment. good point! The chain also bothers me. When I modeled it I thought the thickness was good, but when I rendered it is almost invisible. Maybe it’s because of light. It’ s quite bright scene. I will make notes for future to be careful with those kinds of elements.
  • MarcoG_ita. Thanks. Yafaray is a very good renderer, indeed! I think that it is very similar to V-ray. To be honest I think that quality of visualizations is a matter of the person who make models and renders it. There are some users at the Yafaray forum who achive brilliant results in this renderer. I’m not one of them, unfortunately. But maybe some day… Yafaray is very good and cheap alternative :slight_smile: I am happy that I can use it. It could be in the future a big competitor for Vray, I hope :wink:

There’s a chain on the lamps? Oh, wow you can barely see that. I actually thought the lamps were hanging on some cool and twisted pipe. I think it looks cool that way if you ignore the chains.

Wow really nicely made. I too uses Yafaray for interior renders. But I’m far from you in quality. Like other said above maybe an exterior image would be nice. Hope to see more great job from you.

Thanks Philmaker. So assume that there is no chain :slight_smile:
Thanks Flagus. My renders aren’t as good as I wish them to be but thanks for your nice comment. I find Yafaray to be a good renderer not only for interiors. Recently I tried to visualized some of my designs and it is good renderer also for this kind of things. Maybe I will be able to attach some results of my work on the forum soon.
Regards, paulina.

Hello guys,
few people asked me how I made the carpet in this visualizations. So I gathered all the experiences associated with the creation of that carpet and made some kind of tutorial
I didn’t know were can I put it, so I decide to put it here. I hope that somebody find this tut helpful.

Regards, paulina.

Cool. I’ll check that out. You can post in ‘Tutorials’ section here too.

Edit: Well, I’ve seen it now and it some some very interesting information I haven’t seen anywhere else. Great tut, thanks!

*FloridaJo- thanks, I’m glad You like it. I followed your advice and added tut in tutorial section as well. :slight_smile: