Living room

I have modeled my livingroom. Modeling took about 1 week of work for 5 hours a day.
Painting on the wall is by Artur Szygulski.
Rendered with cycles on CPU AMD X4 2,4GHz, 500 samples, 5h 30min render time.
Any suggestions, critique is welcome.

Here’s an update, took 10hours to render on 800samples

For me it looks too clean and tidy. Try to introduce some kind of randomness - turn chairs slightly, add some small details and stuff. I also think that the lighting is a bit too diffuse. I think it should have more of a blueish hue from the sky. Last thing - the glass in the wardrobe is like a mirror. Model several shelves and put a decent glass material on it and it’ll be better.

I don’t mind the too clean and tidy. What bugs me is the table and the chairs all packed against the wall. I don’t see enough space for anybody to sit on the chairs in between the wall and the table. BTW, do something for the wood texture of the chairs, they look like clones. And tune the white material of the seats, as well as on the couch. I couldn’t say what kind of material it is. Fix also the grey material of the couch, the repetition of the texture is too obvious.

And that huge empty space in the middle! Is it for the goa’uld transport rings to come down from the ceiling? I don’t see any other point of entry. The door-like window at the other end of the room is for the winged people who are not afraid to throw themselves in the void behind it… once they have finished fighting with the curtain which totally blocks the way.

Still, something impressed me: The wool carpet. I know how it’s done and I don’t like the color but I like the result, especially with the light coming from the window and the shadows of the curtains. To me, that’s the killer detail. :wink:

Very nice overall, but there is something that seems off about the table and chairs. Perhaps they are perfectly to scale, but they seem like they are a tad too large in scale to me. At least enough to make it a slight distraction. Also, the floor does seem a little too bright of a color, but that is more just my personal taste in hardwood I suppose.

Great job o/

There’s something kinda weird about it… I think the world lighting is set too high maybe, as there aren’t many shadows, and the ones that do exist are very light, especially looking at the grey thing (couch?) closest to the camera.

Thx for replays everyone.

Im thinking about changing the couch to a different model, the material on the seats is leather, I have spend some time to make it work, but still it doesnt look good. Also right now im working on a new lighting setup without AO.

Haha, that was my thought exactly.

There’s also an awful lot of empty space in the room. I understand having some space between the couch and TV, but that’s a lot. In fact, I’ve got my room set up so I can play motion games (Wii, Kinect, etc) and I don’t have that much room!

I have updated first post. Tried to take into consideration every post and here’s what i came up to. I guess my work is done with this scene. Sory for the bluriness I had to use bilateral blur to reduce noise on some of the passes.