Living Room

So, I decided to try my hand at interior renderings. Here’s my latest attempt. Most materials in here are procedural, but I got lazy at the end and started using image textures. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is side by side with the reference photo I used:

Any C&C welcome to improve for my next interior project. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Very nice I like it. You have put quite some effort in the details. I think, and I know its not easy, maybe you should try to work a bit more on the lighting. Myself I’m no expert in lighting but if you look well in the original all the shadows and even the materials have progressive contrast. Not sure if I’m explaining myself clearly but hope it helps.

Indeed the lighting gave me a lot of trouble. The biggest issue was that I had to clamp the render at a value of 1.0 to fix the fireflies. That resulted in muddying a lot of the lighting out. I even have negative lights in the shadow areas, but the clamp diminished them. I think next time I’ll just composite the fireflies out. Thanks for the comments!

give it clamp like 5.0 , it will give you more light…
i give it high 5 on your render.
a typical question , is it all modeled in blender ?

Yep, all blender. Only other program used was photoshop for the painting texture against the mirror wall and to make the floor texture tileable.