Living Room

My first architecture work. Learned so much while doing it.
Textures i searched from cgtextures.
Rendered in Cycles

Please give me some feedback :slight_smile:

Everything looks great. The only one thing I’d change is that TV and put something on that desk.

Thanks, i will :slight_smile:

looks great.

Looks pretty good. I would work on the lighting next to make it more intresting. It looks as though just a big flourescent bulb on the ceiling. Need low level soft yellow interior lighting or exterior lighting so theere is areas of contrast, shadows and bright spots. Its a valuable tip i learned from arch viz guys. Just my 2 cents worth. Cheers

For a first start in architecture: good job!
Things to be considered:

  • Curtains looks strange
  • This render is giving me the feeling of a night indoor scene because u have no sun coming from the windows. I don`t know if this was your ideea
  • One table is from glass and the other one from wood. I would choose only for one table.

like what the others said, good job on your first architectural render! :yes:

things that I think you can improve:

lighting- play with it a bit add more lights and maybe different color temps (blackbody). ex. blue light (blue hour light) from the outside then a bit warm lights indoors

dirt textures- cause everything looks too clean and perfect. Small color variances really adds to the realism

curtain material- did you use the velvet shader? I think it doesn’t match the other furniture. Try a different look. experiment with printed or canvas like materials.

persian(?) carpet in the foreground- I really think it looks out of place and doesn’t match the scene at all. the entire room has this modern look. The gray carpet is great and fits the scene perfectly

and I can’t put my finger on it but the scene looks like a picture of a miniature. like a doll house.

well that’s just one man’s opinion :eyebrowlift2:
again, great job and keep it up! :wink: