Living Room

Just a Living room scene. Would love to hear some feedback.

Rendered with Cycles at 7000 samples.


looks good, but the scaling seems off.

a lot of noise for 7000 samples… have you used portals?

I didn’t use portals, and it is indeed noisy. However, the render was really clear straight out of cycles. I added the noise later because I kind of liked it. That said, does the scaling really seem off?

Can you post the original one without the noise because it seems like you only have 500 samples. Some noise can add some atmosphere to the picture but I think you overdid it here.

The floor texture also needs a bit of work. It seems to flat. It could benefit from some normal or bump map.

The scale of the furniture seems really off. You have a nice yardstick on the back wall: the bookshelves. If each shelf is about 30 cm, then you’ve got an 2.5 meter ceiling height. Which makes the sofa, chair, tables all look like they were designed for dwarfs.

The other odd thing is the point of view. If this were a camera or a person looking at the room, they are looking at it from about three meters away, and apparently there is nothing in that 3 meters of space except floor: all the furniture is pushed to one side of the room.

One way to check is to make a yardstick. Three shelves is about 1 meter, so make a cube that is three shelves high. Move the cube around the room and put it next to things, and see whether the height of the thing, or the width, looks reasonable.

I just checked, and you’re right. But the problem is not the furniture, it is the bookshelves. Each one of them is around 55 cm high, and the books are huge, and I seriously hadn’t notice that. The sofa is about 80 cm high, which, I might be wrong, but I think is reasonable. And in regards to the camera, I have no idea why you’d get that feeling. I mean, maybe it is a problem, but I did nothing weird. It has the typical dimensions of 1920x1080 and the focal length is something about 25 I think, so I don’t know what could be causing it.

7000 samples that is pretty much!!!
amazing work.

I love the Chess Pieces! Good work

The room has no personality. Add some color or a point of interest

I did a quick color overlay for example.