Living Toons [update pg.2]

Hi all
For some time Ive been working in this characters. I gonna use them for some animations tests ahead
The first one is a cartoonish version of myself =]

The second one is a friend of mine
This model has all the facial expressions done with armatures…no RVKs. Im pretty happy with the results, so I gonna scratch out all the RVKs from the first model and redo some things

Here are some wires:

See ya

This is great characterisation. The second series in particular is really really well done, some of the best facial expressions I have seen to date, it made me laugh.


Your character modeling always inspires me.
Love to see these guys animated.

That’s some awesome work there, the expressions are impressive.

Wow, excellent character in both of these.

I just love your work, always full of character.
(That’s what we need more of around here, in renders and such.) :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome! I’ve never gotten satisfied with a 100% armature driven facial animaiton system (I’m usually 80-90 % reliant on RVKs for poses)
the expressions you have look great! perhaps they could benefit from a little RVK animation, just to “push” some of them further into the xtreme- but they are so expressive already. thanks for the screenshot of the setup…

Great work. I really love this! Those faces look like thaey are “characterized” from real people. You captured real facial expressions very well.

Once you get a few characters done, you can go wild making some animations.

Reminds me of the style of the Clerks cartoon. Very funny poses and very good models. Each one made me laugh.

Lol, that first one looks a bit like Theeth IMO. I love those characters and I’m with you on the armature facial animation. I don’t really like RVKs but I haven’t used them much so I guess if I did, I might get to like them more. I’d really like to see a close up of just your face rig to see which bones went where and also how you weighted them. I’ve got eyelashes done fine with armatures but it’s figuring out the mouth.

Did you use IKs or FKs for posing the limbs?

yeah… really greate style

Superb work. These are top notch quality and the expressions are fantastic.

Great use of Blender. Keep them coming.


Thanks all =]

Slikdigit, my problem with RVKs is that have to create each key twice…for left and right sides. This is really boring…smile.Left,smile.Right, sad.Left,sad.Right and go on… The freedom that armatures give is incredible. I planned to use RVKs only for things like wrinkles for the eyebrows or for the cheek.
I was thinking in use RVKs for a extreme expression, but didnt tested yet.

Spin, I gonna animate them…Im just finishing their rigs

oxrules, The limbs are IK. And here goes some screens
Tell me if u wanna more =]

Thanks again!

I first saw, er, you at and it’s one of my favorites. Good work!

Like BM said, keep them coming.

hahaha as aways funny and amazing expressions!


P.S: nois capota mas num breca uheuahuehua

there’s a mirror script I use for the RVKs… really helps!

Good as always, i am waiting the animations, xará!

Thanks u all =]


I didnt know about this script.
I did a search and that is what ur talking about right?

I tested it today and its great
It seem u have use it for a while…so…theres any bug or something that I need to know?
And this is my workflow…is that right?

Duplicate vertex/mirror/rem doubles/select all/Object Mode/Set Mirror
then (lets say it has no RVK)
add first RVK/add the second RVK/edit vertex in the second RVK/Turn on Cood button in script/UpdMirror/

this point, both sides are the same…so I add a third RVK with both sides deformed, and delete the second one that I have created

Thats it? Or Im being redundant?

I’m GREEN with envy :wink: I actually visited your website the other day. Great stuff! :slight_smile:

Wow, I like this style - great work, and all armature driven…

workflow for mirror tool :
select vertices of face
get out of edit mode
do coords and set mirror

create “base” RVK
create new RVK (e.g. smile left) as normal
get out of edit mode, do flip mirror
in 3d window hit “i” and select mesh. you now have smile right!