Living Triangled

My first (personal) project with Blender (2.79), coming from 3dsMax.
Sold immediately!
Love the software, love the community…
In the meantime I have become a lot wiser with the software, will post new work soon…


It is a nice image but trees usually don´t grow as slanted as this and that looks distracting.
They ussually simply grow straight upwards. Of course you´ll get an exceptin here and there but the vast majority of trees grow pretty vertically.

Cool image. I really like the colors, composition and mood.

When you say “sold immediately” do you mean that someone bought the piece, or that you’re ‘sold’ on using Blender?

Either way, nice work and welcome to the community!

nice work!!!

Thanks :+1:

Thanks you… and I meant sold on using blender :laughing:

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Cool. :grin::+1:

Great to see more and more talented people use blender.

Regarding the trees , that might be in fact the little storytelling twist in the picture.
You get that realism , but also a bit of eerie misterious and abstract atmosphere here.
Why should the trees not move, bend, creep towards the house… drawn to it’s triangular magnetism form outer space :wink:

Nice piece , love it

Jarek D(DJ)

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@Foppe3D . Welcome to the Real world.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jarek. Appreciate your perspective regarding the big picture.

Thanks, skuax. It has been quit a journey :wink:

Thanks Bart, its an honour

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Another Max2Blender artist - looks like our community is growing the right way and so the Blender … Nice render btw Foppe!


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