Livingroom ArchViz

                                              After over a year I  finally tried some ArchViz again. It was actually easier than I thought  xD Making this render took me about 9h, which is a pretty short time.

For this I used a lot of textures from (this site really has amazing textures :heart_eyes:)

Made in Blender Cycles with 1500 samples and partially using the denoiser.
I would be grateful for any feedback :slight_smile:


Additional night time render:

Nice work.
You write, your render needed 9 hours at 1500 samples. This is not really short in my opinion… depending on your graphic card and the resolution you used of course. If you rendered it on a CPU, then 9 hours is really good.

What was the render size you have used please? And did you rendered on a GPU?

My Arch Vis need about 50 minutes for a FullHD render at 1200 samples with denoiser. A 4K render of mine need just below 4 hours. You can see the result here:

There you can check my settings too. Maybe the values can help you improve your render times?

Best wishes

What I meant wasn’t that it rendered that long xD It took me 9h to model, texture etc
The rendering time on my CPU (image resolution is 2k) was about 1.5 hours per image with the denoiser. But thank you for your feedback ^^

Ok. Sorry. My fault. XD
You are right. 9 hours for the complete work is really fast.

This is really nice… I just want to chillax in this room, lol :slight_smile: