LivingRoom take 2

I’m going to be using this picture in a project but i need some help because the couch is always grainy. I tried rendering it at 100% quality with 2000 samples but it’s still grainy. I don’t know if its the light reflecting off it that’s making it grain up like grits or the nodes. Ya if yall come up with some advice please share OR any other advice to make the room look better :slight_smile:


I changed the lighting a bit to add more visually but i still get the grainy look [ATTACH=CONFIG]471107[/ATTACH]

Give it a try without the displacement node.

For cloth, I’d say to do a mix between diffuse and velvet shader with a lightpath facing node controlling it. Then use a bump node on the velvet with the texture going into that. Some poking around a bit to get it right, but I find the velvet shader is really useful for convincing fabric.

Great ArchHWiZ, I will try that! Thanks!

So i took out some lights that were to strong and used more natural light from outside as well as a soft light above the wall picture; i removed the displacement node off the couch and redid the cloth on the couch to make it more clothlike using a lightpath facing node and some bump.

That’s looking really good now. :slight_smile:

I think that on your last render, your couch looks more plastic that fabric, just play with roughness(add some more sculpt on the edges to make it look perfect). I don’t think it’s the disp that you removed or the lighting changes. Just don’t change your lights, they make good contrast because it’s darker on some places and lighter on the others. Great work.

Good work. I don’t have experience in materials, but I’ll say the composition needs something, the part occupied by the flood is too big and with it’s glossiness and it’s colour I’d say it take all the attention from the rest of the image.
For the materials, you can try the chocofur materials that are free to use even for commercial purpose (i you’re not determined to create your own)
Good luck