Currently the scene has about 9000 vertices but I want to add some other items (pictures, chairs,…).

C&C are welcome.

From what I can see it looks like a nice clean image; I wish it was larger so I could make a better judgement. Can you post a bigger one?

9000 verts seems a bit high, but perhaps there are details which I can’t see.

Also, it looks like the lamp is projecting a shadow where it should be casting light.

First of all, thanks for your comments, zbgump.

I’m just rendering a bigger one at 640x480 but it will take some time on my machine.
I think you are right, 9000 vertices are a bit too much. I cut them down to 287 for the couch and 1000 for the lamp.

The shadow of the lamp is there because of the tube. I could make the lamp ignore that part but for that I would have to split it. Could I make the inner side of the lamp full-reflective so that you wont’s see it anymore?

Here’s the new image (reduced the vertices and changed the lighting a bit):

The only thing I see right now is that the cushions don’t seem to curve down in the center and look a little uncomfy.