Lizard Creature

Hey guys, started a new character last night. I used Tim Von Rueden’s Creature concept art available at Concept
here is the result. Critiques welcome!
Remember that this is just the base mesh, High Res detail comes with sculpting! :eyebrowlift:

I like the general form, but the one thing that stands out to me is the groin area; or rather, the absence of one. I myself tend to do this quite a bit. The legs seem to just spring out of the torso like tree limbs. Adding a groin area in between them would really sell the anatomic realism of the character.

Added some sculpting detail and am pleased with the result. Now on to texturing!

Looks awesome, you should be pleased :), Can’t wait to see the textures

Wanted to show some more angles of the Creature before I started texturing.

Finished texturing and added additional sculpting detail!

Next up is rigging! :slight_smile:

Have you finished this yet???

Yes! I decided not to rig him and to leave him as is to get to new projects. :yes:

This would be sick if you gave it an armature.

It would, but unfortunately I am horrible at rigging. Of course course if your up to it… :smiley:

>.>… Is that an invite to rigging it? Ooooooohhhhh! Cool! I’ll take up the task!

Awesome! I’ll send you the .blend! :eyebrowlift:
But I’ll need you’re E-mail.

[email protected]

OH NO! My computer didn’t save the sculpting detail! Sorry, but I guess no one will be rigging this guy. :frowning:

AWWWWW! BOOOOOOOOOO! Wait… was it textured or sculpted on there?

Sculpted!!! :eek:

Is it still sculpted now?

What do you mean?

Oh now I know what you mean (had it mixed up from the beginning) It is neither!

Ok, I’ll deal with the model anyway. Send it when you can, please.