Lizard sketch anim

well, this new anim, as i spent lot of time before to make an other one. here is a very speed mesh done in Zbrush (only zspheres) . As lot of us, i searched these explosive poses to make an intuitive walk cycle. Yes i know, you have to work a lot to make a good animation. consider it’s a sketch (4 poses)! so, please, helps, comments are really welcome, to stay in this sketch making…:slight_smile:

I really like that model I would keep the shape. it has personality.

I like the material, but it doesn’t help when trying to figure out how your lizard is really moving.

For starters, I would recommend adding a few more bones for the lizard’s spine… when I usually think of a lizard in motion, it moves a bit more like a snake… a slithering motion… with a lot less “up-down” head motion.

On the topic of thinking of a lizard in motion… while it is helpful to have an idea, nature is the best inspiration. Surf around on YouTube or DailyMotion for clips of them… make sure you specify size… that will have a lot to do with the motion of the creature.

Better yet, if you are able to get out in nature and really observe them, I’m sure that will help immensely.

The movements are good for a start but you should consider evaluating the animations without texture to see where you can finetune it. But the rendered animation looks quite nice. :slight_smile:

Is it sniffing the ground? If not I would bring up the head a tad. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments guys!
Katzinger,what do you mean bykeep the shape? the rest pose?
Aeplp, yes it’s really not a natural walk cycle! as if you’re right, Disney did a very good job with the crazy lizard in Bernard and bianca 2.
DogmA, i think when animation will be blocked, i’ll try some realistic texture.
No Phoenix smith, it’s not sniffing. i think i’ve not found the to move that head.

I guess you had no plans to do any more modeling. I just wanted to compliment the model. If you have any plans on putting it on blender swap, I would like a chance to animate it.

You’re welcome!
maybe i’ll make some thin textures…
Edit: sorry, Blend swap rejected…too low quality,and animation not working…they haven’t deselect rest pose…who want…give me an mail adress…

I dig it. It’s cute and cartoony.

No, not natural, but it’s got a knick-knacky feel to it.

Jelly lizard yay!
Nice texturing. And the crazy head give it a odd and lovable extra. :smiley: