Hi all… this project was what I turned up after going through a Tutorial for modeling techniques. Was a great learning expirence and I encourage everyone to go take a peek at :

Never done anything like this before. Pretty fun to model something thats not square for once lol. Hopefully now I can move on and make some better models thanks to the help of everyone who put up ideas and techniques in the modelling post.

Heres my pic

Nice model! Tails maybe a tiny bit too short, and he seems to maybe be leaning forward a tiny bit of his legs, but this is still very good work. The lighting of the image is a bit dim imo, but that’s maybe just preference, people always say my scenes are too bright.

Wow he turned out great. It was certainly nice of torq to contribute the corrections for the head. I too went through torqs tutorial, and made a head according to his methods, though I reckon I will keep the original one, as I have grown attached to it.

looks good, maybe try working on making the sand a little more realistic, but other than that it is good :slight_smile: