This is the firsth organic thing that i tried to make , i have to finish his legs. i would like to try to animate him becouse i never tried to animate something. when ii make the armature for the neck and head and i move it in pose modethe head moves but the eyes stay where they were in the begining. i tryed to parent them to the head but they still don’t mve with the head. if i join them to the head i won’t be able to rotate them. maybe this sounds like a stupid question but i didn’t work with this type of things much. coments and sugestions for the lizard are also welcome

Join the eyes to the mesh, then if you want to rotate the eyes select one vertex and press CTRL+L (to select connected vertices) and rotate 'em.

You’re right the legs need some more work. The eyelids doesn’t seem to have any depth so try to extrude and scale the eyelids outer vertexs.

You can see the inside of it’s eyelid.
IMO the feet should possibly be webbed
Other than that, it’s looking good, especially the eyes.

two ways to solve the animation problem.

the first joins the eyes with the body. in this case create a new vertex group ‘eye.l’ and ‘eye.r’ for and assign the vertices of the left eye to eye.l and the one of the right eye to eye.r . now add in the armature two new bones eye.l and eye.r parented to the head ( no IK needed ). now you can rotate the eyes by rotating the bones.

the second method uses the same armature ( hence again eye.l and eye.r bone ) but this time the eyes are not part of the body mesh. select the left eye and the armature and parent it but select ‘parent to bone’ instead of ‘parent to armature’ and select from the list eye.l . do the same with the right eye but with eye.r this time. now you can again rotate the eye bones to rotate your eyes.

happy blending.

thanks i’ll try that.