Made a lizard model and decided to render it. Almost all is done in blender. So, here is the result. Not exactly the result I was going for, so I’ll continue learning lighting and materials


Very nice the model , maybe can you show more about this lizard . it’s BI ? or Cycles?

Looks pretty real!

Great result, Dimetrii! Your lizard looks terrific, great details. The bumps and scales along the body are very believable. I also really like the stones and pebbles that are scattered along the ground. If I had any suggestions for improvement, it would be that the sand itself looks a little flat and smooth. But other than that, great work! Best lizard I’ve seen in a long time!

Well, it may not have been what you were going for, but it’s impressive. The texture of both the skin and the terrain is very realistic. Have you done anything else, or updated this one?

This is amazing! It’s difficult to create a cg animal and make it look alive, but you’ve succeeded :yes:

Love it !! Bravo !!

The gestion of the blur is very well mastered. It seems, at my taste, that peope overuse the blur in post prod sometimes and it give a false impression of the scale. Here the “out of focus” blur is realistic and coherent. I think you used only the camera settings in Blender to do that, am I right? If that’s the case it confirms the unecessity to add blur in post prod since the rendered is based on real parameters. Choose a big sensor, long focal distance, high f stop and that’s it, no need to do more.

Thank you, guys!

Alekzsander: Cycles

dantefrizzoli: This is first time i post the lizzard. I’ve also done a snake, but not I rendered it

SOL_33: No. Defocus i make on compositing. Cycles slow.

great work…beautiful texturing.

Great lizard. Great texturing and modelling.

That is a great piece or character modelling!
Did you use procedural textures on the rocks?

Lovethis! you put a lot of detail into it and it looks very realistic. Only thing that throws it off a bit is the sand. at that scale you should be a ble to see some grains and maybe have some grains stuck to the lizard. But other than that you get two thumbs up from me! :yes:

excellent work. You really did great modelling and texturing on the lizard. bravo

Pretty good work. But i think the material on the lizard looks litle bit plastics.

looks great,pose looks natural.

The larger scales on the arms look kinda strange to me, like they’re flat or something. But I’m not looking at any lizard pics right now so maybe you actually did very well with those idk. Overall, I want one. And baby ones.


Benjamin Dod: Yes. On the rocks procedural texture.

shakquan: Great comments about sand! I little corrected and update image.

lucblend: i think what material looks how rubber :frowning:

great job here, wow forum attachments really do over sharpen images.

What is actually procedural textures?