Very good work.

Maybe the shader of the lizzard could be tweaked a little to be a little more realistic… There’s something a bit off.
And I think one or two rocks completely different from the other would had realism in your image.

But great work ! :slight_smile:

“Not exactly the result I was going for”…really?..This is such an amazing work. Everything seems so perfect that its hard to point out any mistake!

It’s to amaizing you even make my sad. :ba:

Dimetrii : If you still have the snake model … Please render it :smiley: This one looks awesome

Impressive work ! It would pass as a photograph if it weren’t for the small rocks. The ground is made of two very different elements : fine sand and blocky rocks. There is no in-between, and I think this “division” is a giveaway. I should not linger on the ground, this is not important. The lizard is impressive. Is it rigged ?

The lizard looks pretty believable to me, even though you say that some things still look a little off to you.

One of the most realistic creatures seen on this forum in a long time, good work.

How did you do the scales? I’ve tried something similar with texture paint and tried a lot of things but couldn’t get anything like this - it looks so realistic. Sand particles on the claw are a really nice touch.

A good example of “keeping it simple”. Love it!

Love the new image, Dimetrii! The sand looks a lot more realistic now!

This looks great! I would love to see it rigged and animated. Do you plan on releasing the blend? I would like to take a stab at rigging it.

It’s realistic and nice render.

Amazing Render. I am particularly fond of the scales on the lizard. The bump mapping is also very good. If I had to say anything for improvement, maybe you could add a bit more saturation to the sound - it looks slightly discoloured. But apart from that it looks fantastic!

Dude, that is very cool, very inspiring. Thank you very much for sharing.

Great job, very photo realistic!

Hey! Thanks, guys!

Solidseal: I no want make render for snake. We already have

Italic_, Hadriscus: Model no have rig. I do not plan to animate.

swmo: Scales i make on sculpting. Did alpha maps in blender.

Fantastic, I think its the best render of a lizard Ive seen. Really nice job. Aside from the very nice lighting and texturing/shading, you have a great fluid pose with that curved tail which makes a great composition.
Well done! 5*

OMG beautiful lizard :slight_smile: can we see the wreframe please?



Very good!

It Doesn’t Bite I Hope :smiley:
Really Like it, Good Job.