Lo M8s! New to Blending!

Just wanted to say Hi! New here.

I found Blender via the TORQUE gaming engine, and I must say that WHERE HAVE I BEEN!?!?!

This thing is a real gem! I can’t believe I have never heard of it before… I am looking forward to getting into game devel and that part of Blender.

I come from using Electric Image Universe on mac OSX. Prior to that, I was a Max3 user.


Welcome to elysiun :smiley: I got into game developing when I first got into blender. Its a great feature, but its not what I would look into for any professional work. I find it rather, unstable and kind of low performance. Although its great to have fun with for small projects, and im sure it could be great for larger projects if it had more work…But yes, I eventually moved away from the game engine and learned alot about how great blenders abillities to render are :smiley:

Welcome :wink:

Tanks M8, Glad to be here!

I am at a point with my work where I want it to be interactive… I am sure most artists get there at some point… Especially since global illumination came out…hehe

Here is one of my previous works from EIU. I hope to be doing similar work in Blender:


I really dislike learning another whole app over, but I have a feeling this may be a good thing for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Your work is great :smiley: I believe your going to be a good addition to the blender community :wink: And for learning a different app, I think blender is rather an easier program to get use to. I found it alot easier to learn and get started in blender than I have any other program, and its interface is alot easier to get use to IMO. Blender is capable of so many things, I think your going to love it :smiley: