Load custom modifiers dynamically


Blender has Python API for users to develop add-on.
I think, this is one of the powerful features in blender.

However, blender has no Python API for developing modifier, because Python script is slow and unsuitable for modifier.
So, how about loading custom modifiers dynamically (written C/C++) instead of Python API.

For example, developer made own dynamic library. (.dll for win, .so for linux)
Then, users download it and install.

I did not know this feature already discussed.
This feature will blender more powerful :slight_smile:

What do you think?


Native plugin support for stuff like this would be great (also for physics solvers and render engines to get improved performance), but to my knowledge there is no plans at the moment to do this.

The way modifiers are handled in the application at the moment would require refactoring to be able to support dynamic registration, regardless of how its done.

I think there are vague plans to look at a nodal modifiers system in the future, but there is nothing concrete yet. I imagine if support for dynamically registered modifiers happens, it will happen as part of that.

Thanks for your response.

Yeah, I think so that native plugin is faster than python plugin.
And … this is difficult for developing dynamic loading modifiers.

However I’m interested in developing this feature.
If I tackle this development, where should I setup project about this feature?
(Or must I try some prototype about this feature before setup project?)


It would be a fairly significant change, so Id suggest asking on the mailing lists or the #blendercoders irc channel, and see what the BF devs think/suggest. Find out if anyone has any strong opinions on how this should be tackled. They can probably suggest where to start documenting your designs etc (probably a design task on developers.blender.org, but ask and see).