Load exe in exe

Is it possible to load one blender exe file from another blender exe file?

That makes not much sense.

But, there is no problem to start an application file via Python.

(gamemenu.exe) loads (level.exe) is something along the line of what I need

how would I do it? ^

There is no need to switch to another application file. You can simply switch to another blend file with the game actuator.

As benefit you can licence the blend file as you like (the application file is automatically GPL and you have to provide the blend files somehow).

In addition to this, If you’re doing it for security you should know that it’s useless, extracting a .blend form an .exe takes 2 minutes. You can do it with my addon for example. If you want security you should look at something like BPPlayer, but even so I don’t think it will be of much use, whats the point? If people starts to copy things of your game they will say something like “models from this game, music form this game, based on this game”, there is no better marketing than that, and it costs you 0 efort.


should work? (untested)

Open, doesn’t open an executable. (On mac, if done in the terminal it does I think). Open just loads it into memory, well not even that, it only loads a pointer in memory that you will use to acces that file (it has a specific name but I don’t rememeber). So no, it won’t work. It would work though if you open it in data mode, delete all the non .blend parts and then load a new game using directly that data (though I think only libload can do that). Or you can just write that data back into a .blend file and open in normally.

well thank you to all for giving me your advice and I will definitely take it and run with it. Have a wonderful day!!