Load external model into scene

How do I import an external model into my scene? I’ve got two models, in two different .blend files, and I want to put both into one file.

If the model is in a BLEND file then you use the File/Append or Link. Once you have selected the blend file, you can drill down in to the blend file hierarchy and select various parts of the scene. Just choose scene and get it all.

If the model is in a 3rd party format like 3DS,OBJ etc…You use the File/Import and select the correct importer for the file type.

The process is called appending. Do a forum search for append. Lots of info.


Ok, thank you guys!

Uhm… When I choose to import the whole scene, it makes me a new scene. That’s not what I want. How do I get it into the same scene?

You Append from the Object lib in the Library file.