Load image sequence into texture?

I want to make an animated texture by loading a numbered sequence of .png images. I tried these steps but it only displays the first image:

  1. Create a plane with a new material and texture
  2. in the texture window select “image”
  3. Click the “load image” button and pick the first image in the directory (image0001.png)
  4. click the movie button
  5. set the number of frames to 100 or whatever

But it is stuck on frame 1.

Help please.


I have to use a sequence of png images in a texture because the current CVS has a bug that crashes Blender when a quicktime with alpha channel is loaded into the texture. So I still am hoping that there is a way to load an image sequence directly into a texture.

The new image refactor lets you play a sequence of images and edit them. Lots of fun see this post.http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=84906

Just select the right type of image your are working with(still, seq, movie, result)
Then you should be able to move frame by frame. I added the timeline under the editor to make it easy and just used the right arrow.

I was then able to blur out the background frame by frame.
You can then access this through the nodes. and output it to a file.

I think that Ton may have fixed the alpha channel thing. But there is no build yet.


The new image refactor lets you play a sequence of images and edit them

The new image refractor will solve my problem for sure. I downloaded the CVS build from graphicall.org and tried it out. It has a button for image sequences. But you are right, it has a problem with alpha chanel still.



This is wrong. See: http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Animated_Image_Textures

I’m sorry, someone must have changed the original article where it was stated more clearly that you may not press the movie button if you want to use an image sequence.

The new image refractor of version 2.43 works great. I can use an image sequence anywhere now.