"Load library" menu. Info needed

Hi, I would like to load into my model a previous made armature and the actions and game, controllers, actuators etc. associated. I’ve seen the “load library” menu lets you browse a .blend file and load those components. Where can I find a good guide and/or tutorial about it? many thanks.

(if you want to see the project and make some comments)



Well thanks,but I’ve already read that post and doesn’t give me any info.
For example, I’ve read that if you want to load an armature, you’ve got to do this from the ‘object’ folder and not from the ‘armature’ one.
I only wanted to know a little more about it, in order not to make mistakes.

Blender uses OOPS (Object Orientated Programming System). The ‘Scene’ is the Global Space in which the ‘Object’ finds itself. So, if you append a Scene it comes with all the data that it linked to it in its original file, and if you append an Object it comes with all the data that is linked to it in the original file. The World is treated like an Object. Anything else is treated as Data and will be appended to the relevant Datablock. From there you can link it to an Object. The same applies whether you Append it or Link it.