load mtl file

In Blender 2.5x how do i import a obj with mtl file?

I see the obj when i import but the mtl isnt loaded. I read you hit F5 to get a texture panel up but F5/F6 doesnt do anything

The .mtl should be loaded automatically, but it depends on the file strucutre.
The path/name of the mtl is stored in the obj file (both are text files, easy to edit) and the texture files are stored in the mtl file. The filenames mustn’t contain native (éőü…) characters.

Well I have 2 obj files and one has a mtl file and the other has 2 bmp files with the obj file.

What do I do because I cant get any obj file to load with the mtl/bmp. Doing it manually requires I hit F5/F6 which again doesnt do anything on ver 2.5.7.

You don’t need the mtl file to add the texture. Just add the texture to the material (function keys don’t work in 2.57, that is what your mouse is for). Set it to affect the colour and mapped to the objects UVs (assuming you uv unwrapped it)

I am a newbie to Blender and I need more instructions here.
I have the .obj, .mtl .jpg for textures. I can import the obj file and the textures dont load. So what do I press to get it to load.

Before you go any further just start learning the basics.