Load multiple models

Hey all,
My knowledge of blender is pretty limited but I have been trying to figure out how to load multiple models at one time. Basically I have an armature rig that will being constantly updated. I have some meshes that will remain pretty much the same but when I update the armature I’d like to import it into the mesh and parent them. I hope I’m being clear here, I can’t be the first person to want to do this. Anyway I’ve googled the heck out of this and searched the forums here but can’t find the answer. Thanks in advance!


Well after fighting with this for about a month I magically discovered the “append” feature. So I guess that solves my problem! =) Sorry for the lame first post!

Welcome to BlenderArtists Rusty!

If I understand your question correctly, you have 2 blend files one containing the rig and the other with some meshes. After you update the rig in it’s blend file, you want to load it into the other blend with the mesh and parent it.

My question is why would you not have the rig and mesh in the same blend file?

But if you want to load the rig into another file, use “Append or Link”. (File>Append or Link)

I hope this helps and I hope I understood your question right.

EDIT: Whoops! Looks like you posted as I was writing. Glad you found append! Happy Blending!