Load/open separate files?

Hallo all.

I searched the forum but I couldn’t really find the answer I was looking for. So sorry if this has been already asked in other ways or forms.

I would like to know. Is it possible to load separate into a running Game?

Like lets say, I would like to make a game with a bunch of maps but having all those maps in one “.exe” file would make it incredibly huge and loading that file would probably take ages so it only makes sense to have the files separate outside of the main .exe file.

The only answer I found so far was to make a bunch of exe files where every exe file could represent a map. But I am not that sure about that. I mean, how would that work?
(Could someone give me a ling to a tutorial about this? As I am not exactly sure how to do that)

How could I close my existing game and open a new exe file without letting the player know that it starts a new file? Perhaps opening the file over the already running game and than close the first exe file when the second one is loaded?

And I would like to do that with Python if possible. :confused:

Thank you.

Try using “load new game” actuator instead of starting new exe file.

Otherwise use something like this to start the exe:

import os

Ok,thanks. I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

[edit] Thanks, it works great. Now I am just wondering how it handles bigger files. :x

But I got my answer so thanks! :smiley: