Load plugin

just now I thought, get some plugins.
So I got the ones for windows.from here http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~mein/blender/plugins/
there is written:
JUUUUST click on load plugin and then select the dll.

In Blender 2.35 there is no ‘load plugin’ and if I use the normal open, then I get an error. Guess the cocumentary cannot keep pace with all the changes happening with Blender. Blender is such a complicated program to use so that at least the documatation should be updated with the new releases.

Then, how to change the language??? Are there other languages available than only English?

Another blender bug: Someone told me that when I press [x] in the upper right corner of the screen then blender does not quit down.
Anyway, Blender closes down. Also when I press Quit Blender then the same happens…Blender just closes without asking:
You have forgotton to save your file. Do you want to save or Exit?

Hello Umm,

You’re right, they didn’t tell you every step to load a texture plugin on that page. I asume you know how to add a material and a texture to an object? After you assigned a texture to an object you can select a texture type in the Texture Buttons window (F6). Select Plugin and then you will get your Load Plugin button.

You can set the language in the User Preferences Window. Put your cursor between the 3D window and the top menu bar (this menubar has a big i on the left side). Your cursor will change in a double arrowed up-down cursor. Click and drag down to open the User Preference window.
Under Language & Font click on International Fonts. There you can change the language.

Pressing X in my Windows Task bar works fine, but closes without asking. Pressing Q works OK with me, asking me if I want to quit. Are you sure you used the 2.35 version?

Anyway, try the abowe guidelines and let me know if it works.

I find "you haven’t saved your file messages very annoying.

thanks a lot for the nice tips.
That about the language setting is something you wouldnt find there in a 100 years if noone tells you.
Interestingly, when I switch over to Spanish, only a part is tranlated (maybe 30%) and the rest is still in english. I was hoping to understand the interface better when I read it in Spanish because my English is quite lousy.
Yes I am sure about the 2.35 version.

JediDawn, it also bugs me, but if you try to be quick and want to press the maximize button but you miss it and hit the X button instead then your work is gone.

BTW I meant the X (close) beside the maximize button

A usefull hint for you is: double click on the blue bar at the top to min/maximize images.

Hey Umm,

You’re right that not the whole interface is translated. But your English is OK so maybe al you need to learn more is the typical “3D language”. More about that and a lot of other tips can be found in the blender documentation. A good introduction can also be found in the 3 pfd documents (each about 3 MB) at the following link:
The tip of the User Preferences Window is on page 7, but a lot of other tips can be found there. It is a great reference to learn Blender.

Re: translating:



Just so you know, Blender 2.35 saves each session upon exit. You can recover the last session by selecting File -> Recover Last Session.