Load specific objects.

How can i load several objects from a specific blend file while in-game and place them on layer two or three,but not one.
Also,the objects need to have all settings and logics.If not possible how can i append them from another scene?

Provided that they aren’t lights, you can use bge.logic.libLoad

ok,any little example? A code snipet?

It’s tricky to create you a snippet as such.
But, let me set out the bare basics.
LibLoad can load a mesh, scene or action from a blend file. Mesh is a mesh data, not object, so you have to set the mesh upon an object.
Scene imports all objects (ignoring lights) from a blend. Mesh doesn’t include logic. So, what you’d have to do for a single object is this:
Import a scene. Loop through the objects added and delete them if they’re not the one you’re keeping.
See here: http://www.blender.org/documentation/blender_python_api_2_57_release/bge.logic.html
And Use CTRL + F to find “libload”