Load up your thumbdrive!

If you’ve just gotten a brand-spankin’ new 512meg thumbdrive, and your
wondering to put on it, wonder no more! The
Portable Apps Collection has a good ~250 megs of apps, including OpenOffice,
Firefox, and many others, most optimised for thumbdrive use! I highly
reccomend this site! :smiley:

Thanks for posting this, I just got a 1GB keychain for a pretty decent deal ($65) and have been wanting something besides PuTTY and SouthPark episodes to put on it :slight_smile:

If only I had spent the extra 10 dollars and purchased the 256 one instead of the 128… oh well.

Some of these look good enough to just have on my computer. Where’s blender though?

:o You can still buy 128 thumb drives?
Recently, I haven’t seen anything smaller than 512, but hey.
And, update, this takes about ~450 megs of space.