Load your weapons...

A quick render:



Would you mind doing this at full screen size (1024x768 or even 1280 x 1024)? I’d use it for my screen background at work.

lol, thats quite a formidible object there in the center.

Wow!!! I liked the idea…very good work! :slight_smile:

The overall composition could not be more perfect, right down to the little symbols in the title, which really finish the message.

A kiss can be just as dangerous as a bullet to the chest, and only slightly easier on your heart.

…Did I really just think of that?

Very nice rendering…& concept…

True message behind the render, I like it. Just a suggestion, fresh brass is never that rough. Even brass that has been through a G3 rifle, which has a very rough ejection cycle, isn’t that rough. Other then that nitpick, nice overall render.


Very very nice idea. Like it.


I love this shot! I agree about the brass (there’s a little too much difference between the casing walls and the base (fuse) part) but the lipstick is spot on. It almost looks sinful and made me think of someone flipping me off! Very evocative - and goes with the “message” very well, also!

What a great image, not just the cg part but the idea as a whole.

Change that brass texture and its 5*'s

Really nice. Like the angle of projection and background. Observation: should be more division between the casing and the “business end”

heh…how come I didn’t notice this one before?

Very nice render. kerky?

great idea
women are dangerous
while man kills with gun and makes a lot of noise
women can killing a man softly
by using their heart

I think you should put cond** as a man weapon :evilgrin:
just joke
sorry for my word
keep cool :RocknRoll:

any way nice render

I agree… the brass isn’t right. Other than that, very nice render indeed!

Very nice image. I like the composition. By the way, I’m not sure if you knew this, but did you know that during World War II, lipstick containers were actually recycled to be made into bullet casings?

Great Work!


sorry for bumping up this thread, but i think I´ve made a major update in this
render. Reworked the materials for the brass, better subtle caustics there too
and a slightly blueish background for a little more contrast (in color) for the
objects of main interest.


Bye, Olaf.

Wow, nice. Good brass material – a lot better than the first one.

Yup, pretty much perfect now.

how long did that take to render, and with what engine? Thanks!