Loading 2.79 scene change my UI layout in 2.8

When i load my 2.79 scene in 2.8 the top bar show in bottom instead and the UV editing window have wrong settings any idea?

Problem solved i had to uncheck the load UI in preferences and this same annoyance was giving problem in UV editing for the same reason.

So if you want to load files that were done in any blender anterior versions make sure you uncheck the Load UI radio box in preferences/save&load.

I’ve found as well, some things appear to “break” pulling in a 2.79 scene with the UI, as if it forgets which version it’s running. Dunno if it affects not just the window display but some preferences / settings behind-the-scenes as well. Not every scene I might add, not even a significant amount, just the occasional one. Just never been able to isolate the reason to post a useful observation on it.

Yep i also notice not every file respond the same. So far i see no harm disabling load UI for older files.