Loading add-ons by default in an individual file


I have a file that’s using the Cloud Generator plug-in and every time I open the file the plug-in doesn’t load and I have to re-generate the cloud. I know I can load them as a setting for new files, but that doesn’t apply to a file that’s already been create. How would I get the add-on to load by default to a pre-existing .blend file?

Did I phrase myself correctly? My scene is dependent on a plugin. That plugin does not load when I save the scene and I have to start over. How do I get it to load by default?

Well I’m using 2.61 and I can’t replicate your problem. Even with the cloud generator off in my default scene, any scene I save using the generator, it’s turned on when I reopen it. All the add ons I use are turned on and saved in my default scene.
Can you upload the file to pasteall or wherever?

Hey. Using 2.61 as well here. Can you try it again but this time toggle the checkbox for “generate particles”?

And for external plugins you dont find issues loading them once you close the file? For me this isn’t specific to the cloud gen, it’s like that with all plugins

I tried it using the particles and it works fine for me. And no I don’t have a problem with any addons, I keep them all in the scripts/addons folder, sometimes I do have problems if there’s a folder “addons_contrib” in the build. Usually it’s because an add-on is in both folders and there’s a conflict in the path. So I just move everything into the folder I mentioned before and delete that one.

Also I have my own default scene layout created so the ones I use load up on start.

Perhaps your copy of blender got corrupted somehow (during the download)?
Maybe try re-downloading blender.

Sorry I can’t be much help, not sure what’s going on with your program or file.

Hmm, dont think it’s corrupted, I’m using 2.62 atm, although it is odd that you can not replicate my error.

However, I don’t have these plugins loaded on default - they’re simply being used in the scene. Do I have to do that in order to use them in an already pre-existing scene?

And you’re very much being helpful, thanks for the troubleshooting on your end.

No you shouldn’t, I did try it by saving a scene made with the cloud generator and then opening it in a version without it loaded as default, but it still worked fine.