"loading area"

hi, what is the best way to do so that i can “devide” a big map inte smaler ones by using a “loading area” så that i won´t need to load the hole map a once?

What i did in the chronicles of liezel was split the map up (using P in edit mode) and took render of all the areas and mapped them on planes, then I used real time blur and when you got to the new area it blurred everything, changes scenes, the scene loads all blurry then gets clear.

Ok, thanks for the tip. I have already done the “modelling part” of the “change”(standing between two doors :/) what i need to fix is the programing part…So what you are saying is that a “regular” scen change is all i need?..Or is the non-loaded scen still getting loaded into the memory?

No it’s not getting loaded, just make sure when you declare variables in python (which you’ll need to transfer properties) to use the global:

GameLogic.myproperty = myvalue

then to change just use like a normal variable, but add GameLogic. infront of your variable, otherwise everything will get reset. Just keep in mind, if it’s an intensive programming game it may be slower to do a transition, because it’ll have to load all the variables into the next scene.

It all depends on the game though =)